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More than mere farmers our dedicated team never cease to amaze us with the skills they bring, as Issa our resident hive-maker and bee-caller makes some hives for Hope Sakuma cashews maturing next year and in need pollination. Carefully selecting fronds from piassava palm, Issa expertly weaves his hives from the centre to the two ends, creating the traditional elongated barrel ideal for resting across tree boughs.

One day we can imagine Issa showing visitors, staying in our wattle and daub huts and over a pleasant afternoon or two, how to cut their own piassava and weave their own hives, harvesting some honey to take home but for now what we really need is an experienced arboriculturist to come train Issa and the team to prune our 700 cashews and 120 fruit trees!


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with climate-smart technology to improve nutrition, food security, livelihoods and adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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