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Is that a giant sack of rice, some extremely small children or a giant man? Well the Hope Sakuma rice is generously proportioned and those who know Uncle Williams know him to be an exceedingly tall gentleman and Noel and Colt?

Well, on closer inspection, they're sitting down so not so small after all!

Uncle Williams drops off some rice courtesy of Aunty Kelley and catches up with Noel and Colt who are both doing well in school.nutritious kontri rice direct from Hope Sakuma, our sustainable farm.

Our kinship fostering programme focuses on keeping kids who've lost a mum or dad or both parents living with a family member.

Effie and Alfie used to live with us at Mama Mayila's Cradle our interim care centre but resettled with their grandma in 2016. Checks last autumn revealed grandma struggling with school costs and rising prices.

Regular visits from Uncle Williams mean we can plan interventions and fundraise to provide real assistance to meet real need directly helping kids like Effie and Alfie and their grandma!


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Gener