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Our VIPS for the day are on their way! The pop's on it's way and the scene's being set for our VIP guests at Mama Mayila's 4th annual Christmas Party with plenty of candy, cheeseballs, chicken wasshed down with lashings of fizzy pop for more than 100 VIP guests - kids from Moa Wharf, one of the most disadvantaged, marginalized communities in Sierra Leone.

The court barre fills up nicely and the camera's roll - thanks to SLBC TV - as the kids brace up for their party!

All our VIPS enjoy chomping down on beaucoup chicken and Mama Mayila and Aunty Kadies fried rice. These kids may be poor, amongst the poorest in the world but this Christmas they're rich in love (and chicken) because of the kindness of strangers from across the world!

An inspiring treat for us all as 10 year old Vicky The Poet captures the true spirit, the very essence of Christmas reading one of her poems from her new anthology 'Treasures in the Dust.' This young lioness of Salone is such ainspiraional role model for kids everywhere particulalry these kids who need rising up.

More snaps of our VIPS, princes and princesses, little angels one and all enjoying posing for the paparazzi at their Christmas Party in uptown Freetown earlier today. 100+ VIP guests - some of the most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - the centre of attention not left out, not left behind this Christmas season thanks to a worldwide community of supporters and donors to our Angel Tree Christmas Fund - thank you guys!


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children with disabilities.

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