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Mama Mayila's got some news to share! Hope Sakuma's nutritious country rice from the Sanda Magbolontor boli lands has arrived where it's needed most - Moa Wharf, one of the most deprived and marginalized communities in Sierra Leone.

Three tons of Kontri rice providing food support for our kinship fostering programme benefiting the kids shown here from children orphaned by Ebola to little Alfie, Frank, Abe and Katie coping with challenging disabilities.

Mama Mayila tells the ram-packed court barre the long journey this rice has been on from the Sanda boli lands to Moa Wharf and Moa Wharf Chief Komeh welcomes the initiative and praises Mama Mayila and her team of dedicated volunteers.

Misses Mercy and Mica are on-hand to help Uncles Junior, Hassan and Osman distribute the Hope Sakuma bounty to 58 children in our kinship fostering programme, orphaned by Ebola or disabled and living with relatives.

Speaking after the event National Coordinator William Tieh explained:

"This commendable effort by the hard-working farmers of Sanda Magbolontor will really help boost these vulnerable children nutrition in Moa Wharf."

Incoming Board member, Alfred Fornah said:

"This is a practical example of innovative volunteerism in action, an NGO team of volunteers with limited resources taking innovative steps to address a need and develop their programmes."

So we hope you will join us in proffering three, maybe even four, cheers for the Ladies and gentlemen of Hope Sakuma, hard-working sons and daughters of the rich fertile Sanda soil, for providing such bountiful sustenance from one of the poorest rural chiefdoms in Sierra Leone for one of the poorest urban chiefdoms in Sierra Leone. How awesome is that?


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children with disabilities.

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