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Mama Mayila's so keen to get to the farm she's helping pull the ferry! Mama Mayila's coming to check on Hope Sakuma's farmer field school andf find out what the Ladies have learnt.

Mama Mayila and team arrive at the beautiful Mabanta River crossing where dedicated volunteers Sol and Williams pose for the camera.

Mama Mayila catches up with Tafatu, Manays chairlady and Ayie, RoGbin chairlady and Hope Sakuma farm manager to find out how well the Ladies are taking to learning vegetable farming.

Arriving at Hope Sakumas' demonstration farm Mama Mayila takes a tour with Mariama, Ayie, Emma and Amabest of the new vegetable beds the Ladies have carefully prepared ready for the next module of Hope Sakuma’s farmer field school - special preparation of onion seed beds and then transplanting the onion seedlings. Farm manager Ayie explains to Mama Mayila how just this one seed bed may fill as many as 15 of the Ladies newly constructed vegetable beds.

After the tour Mama Mayila learns the Ladies are learning fast with project coordinator Amabest and enjoying the work. And then Mama Mayila gives an empowering speech explaining how much she likes to see women working and congratulating the Ladies on their endeavours contributing so much, balancing work in the home with children and husbands, they will be able to bring in their own money. Mama Mayila encourages the Ladies to work together and form a women’s group to a round of applause.

Before her return to Freetown Mama Mayila has some parting gifts for the Ladies who are working so hard learning vegetable farming, not beaucoup but something for everyone!


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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