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Will the Centre shut down or will the wall get built*? (heads up, in our case and maybe in yours, the answer's neither) But a tantalizing moment nonetheless and a sweet minute, as in his head Noah takes someone's words to heart and builds a wall, in reality he inevitably knocks it down, builds it up again, almost gets some help from someone but then really doesn't - the nail-biting final 10 seconds are worth the wait - but sadly and rather predicatbly it all ends in ruins for all concerned but that's walls for you....

The concentration Noah shows as he builds his wall during some active playtime helps this sweet hearing impaired boy improve his attention span and we recommend this route of active play for any recalcitrant child (candy also works well).

Meanwhile, little lady Faith gets in on the wall-building act with some gusto and not inconsiderable skill - being a girl her wall actually gets built and it's naturally higher and stronger (but of course it is) - this budding engineers' wall reaches as high as her head! Perhaps we should have put this young lady in charge of our wall building programme after all....

*quite why walls should be tied to our centre's ability to run itself escapes us here in Sierra Leone but we sometimes like to follow an example just to see what it feels like and in this case it feels decidely silly ;)


Follow our journey bringing hope and education to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share our stories to raise awareness for Ebola's orphans and children with disablities.

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