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Ebola's Orphans: Playing Well With Others

Playing well with others - our approach to partnership

As an organisation we’re committed to working with others.

We do this because we know we don’t have all the answers to the world’s ills. Because we know we can always learn from others. And we do it because we know we’re one cause – Hope 4 Ebola’s Orphans - amongst many.

How well do we play?

Well, we only launched last week and we’re committed to extending our sponsorship scheme (launching next month) to other Sierra Leone charities who care for Ebola’s orphans, as long we can all meet good standards of care.

We think we have a good, low-cost model for a sustainable, eco interim care centre that would help regenerate the most deprived areas in a greatly deprived country. One which provides education, skills training and health care to the surrounding district and we’re happy to offer it up for discussion with others.

Any Takers?

We’ll even turn our blog over to YOU if you want tell us a bit about yourselves – any takers? Get in touch!

We chose to do these things as a practical demonstration of our commitment to partnership.

Many voices directly amplify messages

We offer up these things because we want to do things differently. Because we want to show our solidarity with other causes. To give a platform and a voice to others who stand with us as we stand with them.

We believe taken together, many voices directly amplify messages and altogether, make for a much bigger noise.

If you already follow us on Twitter @4EbolaOrphans - if you’re not a Twitterer you can still follow the debate right here on our website - you’ll know we’re all about giving credit and happy to be generous in our praise because we know our cause is one amongst many.

Causes Matter to us

We actively follow and share exciting and innovative projects for Ebola prevention, child protection, clean water, food security, education, health and sports because we understand the importance of these things for kids, like Abu pictured, and all kids as they grow up.

Climate Change

Perhaps above all of this sits the big one - climate change. The world waits on next week’s news from Paris - our international communites’ response to climate change.

We see the impacts now and surely, we begin to understand the catastrophic impacts it will have as kids like Abe (pictured) and all kids reach adulthood. The time to take action on climate change is NOW!

We’ll wait ‘til the dust settles but perhaps we already know that a positive outcome in Paris - while welcome and necessary - will only begin to address the impacts on the developing world and will not likely get the world to a place where we all face dangerous temperature and sea level rises and increasingly severe and erratic weather impacts.

Come on board – join our campaign!

Follow Abe's journey from the beginning and help us change children's lives, in every sense, forever.

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