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Well this week started a little rocky, got well real quick, became even better than I hoped and ended on a terribly sad note with news of a flare-up of this wicked Ebola. But this weekend I have been cheered and inspired by others and have been putting on my thinking cap….


I started my week again with my friends from the Sierra Leone Central Union Diaspora and we had a meeting planned with the Minister for Transport & Aviation and such a busy week ahead.

But our meeting with the Minister for Transport and Aviation had to be cancelled due to pressing matters of State and we were downcast. Then someone special more than made up for the disappointment….

Madame Koroma suggested that she host an impromtu dinner and we all relaxed back. I must confess it felt quite like old party times. I even found myself dancing the night away with my old fiends !

TUESDAY….THE BEAT PICKS UP... I was honoured to attend a meeting with His Excellency the Honourable Dr Earnest Bai Koroma the President of Sierra Leone to recognise the outstanding work of the Sierra Leone Central Union Diaspora in delivering over 150 bags of rice and solar lights during the Ebola crisis and completion of an Agricultural Institute and vocational school in Lungi.

I was heartened by Pa President’s encouragement for the SLCU diaspora and moved by his call for a global diaspora policy - a call for all diaspora to come together, wherever they are, to do what they can for the betterment of our beloved Salone.

For what it's worth, I add my call to his and ask my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters and my many friends in UK and US to come together with Holland and Belgium and other EU countries - everyone playing their part and taking their due credit, planning and co-ordinating Diaspora policy and investment so that every area and every need does benefit.

MIDWEEK….THE SUN IS SHINING Well, where was I? Oh my! Wednesday and Thursday. These were such busy days with my diaspora friends meeting Ministers and people saying coming on board to see what they can do to bring Hope 4 Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone but the proof as always will be what they do, not just what they say.

Wednesday we also took our Foundation's letter requesting 2 acres of land to the Ministry of Land. We have been praying hard and I hope we will have some good news to share next week.

HEARD IT ON THE GRAPEVINE…It was a pleasure to meet again with Momoh Konte at NatCom again so soon after last weeks’ SLCU award. Coming on board and discussing our Sponsorship proposal for Ebola's orphans where those in positions of influence Lead by Example and workplaces club together to Sponsor a child shows how we can take our responsibility and show that these children are now our children. Uncle Momoh has suggested taking forward our proposal to communications companies....


And we met with the Minister of Marine Resources and Fisheries to see what they may be able to offer to give Hope 4 Ebola's orphans and he says he'll come on board and is looking into whether excess fish that would be otherwise wasted could be used to help feed our orphans and others. Grateful thanks when that happens! It reminded me of my time before the war when I found myself running a fishery canning business but that is another story for another time….


I think my boys have a pictures of Mr William with Ebola's orphans Katie and Mica to show how dark places for some of our orphans are.

Our meeting with the Minister for Energy on Thursday, well, he kindly suggested solar powered lights to help Foundation orphans do their homework. My heart-felt thanks if this very practical contribution comes to pass.


Well the mornings news brought such a swift end to our hope to have kicked out Ebola for good and now, it seems, until medicine advances, we must learn to remain vigilant, respond quickly and effectively to new Ebola flare-ups. As the Government and other agencies have done in this one new case.

This wicked Ebola must never be allowed to take hold and defeat us. Our survivors like Faith muct not be stigmatized. And this tragedy for the poor young girl who must have suffered so much. This tragedy it got me thinking some more.


This weekend I have been very tired and resting with my sister Mama Mabinty. I know Mr William must also be tired as he has been with me every step of the way but Saturday saw him very diligently working with his team at Moa Wharf, talking to our children and making sure their needs are met and they know they are cared for and loved.

Mr William gave me his weekly update and the children are doing and looking so well, particularly TJ our poor disabled boy and Katie who is deaf and dumb both always have such ready, shining smiles.

Those who have known me longest know it has always been my prayer that all our children should be cared for and treated well. And that goes double if they are vulnerable like the blameless children with no parents; or those living with HIV or a disability. We must not pass these children by.


Well, you know, I give thanks every day andd today I poured my heart out.

Bacc in the day, our watchword was “my word is my bond.” I am coming to believe that this may still hold as true today when what is at stake is the future of our children. If the mood is right and people choose to stand so strongly together for Ebola’s Generation perhaps there is more we can do?