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Meet Ebola’s orphan TJ, age 10. When we first met TJ he had lost his mum and was living on the streets and stealing food. He told us back in July last year:

“They say I carry Ebola and chase me away”

This wasn’t his fault. TJ is only 10 and was only just surviving before he lost his mum to deadly Ebola and because of this he was shunned by his community and his remaining uncle.

In spite of all that TJ bears, he stays positive and always has a smile. You can see him enjoying his first ever Christmas party and events with other Foundation children.

What’s more the market traders welcome him now they know he is supported by Mama Mayila and her Foundation - Hope 4 Ebola Orphans.

“I am Mama Mayila’s son and they even give me food now!”

Like all Foundation children, TJ has been to Dr N’yama for his check-ups and jabs. Tejan also has some identified developmental issues and a physical disability and is now registered with the Ministry of Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs.

Too much detail.....

We are careful not to print too much detail about what the children have gone through. They each have their own terribly sad stories They all have suffered very much. Things no-one - let alone a child - should bear.

We can each imagine this for ourselves if our children were left alone in the world all of a sudden. We would rather them remember the loving caring family they came from and the good times they shared with their parents and siblings and the way they can now look to the future with confidence..

And you can see from Tejan’s pics how much happier he looks. How his eye now happily meets the camera - much prouder and knowing he is loved and we want all our kids to know that they survived a terrible time and came out stronger. To know what has happened to them isn’t their fault and they bear no guilt.

We want our children to know that their mum and dads loved them very much and would be so proud to see them growing up being loved by their new family and doing well in school.


Join us and follow TJ's journey from the beginning. TJ’s Cause and share with a friend to raise awareness for Ebola's 12,000 children in Sierra Leone just like TJ. Ebola's Generation.

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