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We catch up with Sierra, Leo and Mya looking out to sea wondering when their boat's coming in. The kids are off an adventure under the watchful eye of Uncles Alfred and Williams - first stop Cline Street to pick up bushels of rice and onions for rainy season feeding for hungry farmers, when the chiefdom is cut off from mid-August to mid-September every year.

Then down the long steep steps descending into nearby Moa Wharf, to pick up dried fish, dried pepper, store cupboard essentials and medicaments for Hope Sakuma's farmers and to thank the Ladies there for drying more bushels of fish scraps essential ingredients for Hope Sakuma's Azolla Biochar bocahsi fertilzer.

The kids reach the Mabanta River to cross into beautiful Sanda Magbolontor but not before a stop-off to collect some top quality chicken dung another vital ingredient for Hope Sakuma's azolla biochar bocashi.

It's a long drive - thanks Uncle Duncan and trusty minivan - but fortified with tip-top and bourbon (biscuits that is) the kids gamely help hand-pull the ferry across the mighty Mabanta River. Leo and Miss Sierra with very convincing stances, Miss Mya with her radiant smile rather less so...


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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