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Our tilapia's journey starts here in Kunike Barina as Amabest gently handles the fine fat fingerlings destined for Sanda Magbolntor explaining to Rugiatu and her team how the tilapia will be used with Azolla and ducks to fertilze Hope Sakuma's rice and then a rare treat, watching in real-time our fingerlings scooped up by the effective Youth Action 4 Rural Development (YARD) team starting at one end, rolling the net and clearing the pond in just five minutes!

After an ardous rain-soaked journey to Tonkolili and back Amabest is back at his best populating the paddies with the fine tilapa fingerlings from Aunty Rugiatu and introducing St Peter's fish to both Azolla and an exploring Lucky.

Lucky, her duckies and the tilapia will give the nerica rice seedlings all they need to thrive while the Azolla, starting to clump together nicely, meets the rice's nitgrogen needs. Ducks, fish and rice, reducing farmers fertilzer costs and intensifying farming sustainably in Sanda Magbolontor chiefdom.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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