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Some hot harvesting action with the Makelekos All-Stars getting down to cut Hope Sakuma's fine rice with a fine rhythm as Osman sings a (slightly rude) song (fortunately in Temne) roughly translated as entreating the beautiful rice to sway and express itself as a lappa (dress) sways and expresses itself when a beautiful woman walks by...

The Makelekos boys are happy as happy can be with their first harvest of nerica rice from Hope Sakuma's very first paddy all possible because of the beneficial effects of Azolla, transported from Njala university only this July passed, spreading through all our paddys and dying back just as our rice seed set.

The Makelekos Ladies hand-thresh Hope Sakuma's rice the traditional way by foot! By threshing on-site we can reduce waste and losses to the birds which proved to be somewhat of a challenge for our 13 villages farming IVS rice earlier this year.

Farm manager Ayie oversees the Ladies of Makelekos thresh by foot and winnow by hand the rice from Hope Sakuma's first paddy and it's really good news!

One hundred kilo of rice from just under three kilo of seed nursed and transplanted and fertilized solely with chicken manure and Azolla. If all six 40 metre by 70 metre paddys produce the same that'll be 600 kg of rice for just 20 kg of seed making the very most of every seed planted and with dramatically lower input costs, a sure-fire winner for Sanda Magbolontor's subsistence farmers.


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