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On this terribly sad day, when Sierra Leone buried the first hundred’s of our own, Mama Mayila and the Hope and Society 4 Climate Change Communications teams met survivors of the mudslide at Kamayama community, neighbouring Regent to find out first hand their needs, talking with Chief Sesay whose house and school are used as temporary host to many survivors, and where registration efforts must now turn.

Mama Mayila also met Office of National Security (ONS) on the ground, setting up incident command centres and asessing the desperate situation at Kamayama.

Everyone's day was brightened - including the little chap with the lollipop, who gave us the very first glimmer of a smile we've seen - by a chance meeting with Ms. Natasha Beckly and the Miss Universe of Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant team volunteering to help survivors. With help like this and the many many community based organziations galvanized and hopefully coalescing surely “Above the Ashes Sierra Leone Shall Rise”



Complete registration at Regent by the CoDWelA team reveals 508 suvivors, 261 children under 17 in 89 families. Director, Alfred Sima Kargbo reports:

They are hungry and distressed and drinking water was not available. The children urgently need safe drinking water, food, clothing, blankets and beddings.

45% of survivors already have an attack of cold. All of them in the holding centres are hungry and desperately need food supplies. They lie on the benches and bare floor which if no immediate support is given will develop health problems.

Three of our foster parents taking of reunified street kids from Waterloo who settled at Regent are now believed to be dead members of the community identifying the location of their houses as being among the pile of rubble."

Tomorrow we take more rice and fish to Regent and also to Kamayama.

Thanks to donations $420 received to date we're able to provide 2 x 50 kg bags rice and carton of fish each to Regent and Kamayama suvivors for the next 4 days. If you can, please give:

All donations will be published, recorded and accounted for and you’ll see your donation being delivered on twitter and facebook.

CLOTHING, BEDDING, BLANKETS, FOOD NEEDED In Freetown – any bedding, clothes, blankets to spare?

Call and we’ll arrange collection and direct delivery to the childeren and survivors with our colleagues Society 4 Climate Change Communication and CoDWelA.

Please share with your networks and any friends in Freetown.

Come on Board - Join Our Campaign

Join our campaign for child rights and + share our cause 2 raise awareness 4 mudslide child survivors and all vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

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