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Team Sierra Leone braved the rain to register children at Moa Wharf for the new school term starting September. Hope 4 Ebola Orphans National Coordinator, William Tieh explained:

"Ama (pictured) is looking forward to her first day at school and without this programme it would be difficult for her family to afford to send her to school this year

William continued:

We identified 14 children not in school for various reasons most commonly having to run the household for an elderly care-giver or having to look for work to support the household.

We want to change this with Plan’s help and make sure all the children – including all the girls - go to school and are empowered through education"

Osman Kamara (Investigator) added:

"Altogether, we re-registered 62 children, including six with disabilities, who will need special help tailored for their needs.

If the child is in school already we establish which one, their class and most importantly their grades. We do this so we can measure each child’s progress from now and hope to see a positive impact from our work supporting these children.


We want you to join our campaign and + share our cause 2 raise awareness 4 Ebola's Generation and raise money 4 all vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

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