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Mama Mayila's heard from our resident corodinator that one of the kids in our kinship fostering programme isn't well so she's visiting with little Mo's care-givers, his uncle and aunty, at Moa Wharf.

Long-time supporters will remember little Mo from christmas parties and distributions of food and clothes but Mo's not been very well so Mama Mayila's brings him to stay at the Cradle so Mo can recurperate properly,

A wash and change of clothes later and little Mo gets a warm welcome from the Cradle kids.

Then Mo's off to the Hamilton clinic for a diagnosis and a weeks course of medicine administered at the clinic.

Hope's kinship fostering programme focuses on keeping kids, who've lost their mum or dad, living in their community with family members.

Luckily, little Mo's home life is stable and he's able to return home but we're always ready to provide respite care and a safe roof when needed.


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children with disabilities.

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