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Miss Dee, Leo and Miss Mya are on a cultural adventure of discovery this very evening with Grandma and Uncles Williams and Hassan attending a book launch at prestigious Lumley Atlantic hotel. The occassion? Our favourite young artist, inspirational Sierra Leone poet, Vicky the Poet launching her first anthology of poems 'Treasures in the Dust'.

The kids have met their first VIP of the evening Uncle Alfred, 2018 Young Diplomat for climate action and promoting the SDGs and Director of Society 4 Climate Change Communications. We can't wait to see who else they'll meet...


The kids are inspired to hear and meet popular musician, Esther Michaels, founder of the Music for Girls Initiative speak at Vicky the Poet's launch of her first anthology and when unexpectedly given the mic, Miss Dee finds her wits real quick and speaks out against child marriage and Leo shows that he was actually listening during our talks at the centre and he pledges his support for the #HeForShe campaign schooled by an eleven year old - kids you amaze us every time! Truely you do.


This inspirational young poet - just 10 years old -speaks of the essence of her poetry captured in her new first ever collection of poems 'Treasures in the Dust' and Miss Mya tells the crowd she wants to emulate Miss Vicky the Poet inspiring youth in Sierra Leone. Speaking after the event Mama Mayila told us:

"I grow old but this poetess - our young lioness - she reinvigorates me with her youthful energy; her ageless spirit speaking with such deep understanding that I can grow old with hope, knowing that such youth as Vicky will inspire and propel this old country - this young nation forward to a much brighter future."


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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