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Grandma and Uncle Williams visit the Mahanaim kids to drop off a wonderful new years' donation of chicken and rice, maggi, saba laundry soap, a giant bag of lollipops and 200,000 le cash money from Uncle Ian who visited with the kids last month.

Grandma sepnds some time with the kids and takes the opourtunity of inviting them to Hope's party to welcome in the new year and talks with the aunties there - with Madam Melrose still poorly, the centres short of staff - to make arrangements.

Grandma also visits with the Polio Challenge Association to donate 50,000 le from Uncle Ian to help them provide support services to the many people living with disabilities there at the former polio camp in Grafton.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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