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We went to Manays and we met…….Field Officer, Haja Isha Sesay. This most informed and knowledgeable lady explained to everyone about natural fertilizer (nitrogen, potassium and urea) and gave advice on the rate to spread it. Haja Sesay recommended the use of a tractor to make things easier and more efficient but we find our that 3 local tractors are all broken down.

Later, this smart lady showed us some Nerica l-19 rice planted in the first week of January and nearly ready to harvest just 3 short months later. As you can see from the video using fertilizer has a dramatic effect on yield! One of the many benefits of Nerica (invented by a team of scientists headed by the Sierra Leone’s current Minister of Agriculture especially for Sierra leone's different terrains) is that its seed can be replanted pretty much straightaway helping boost production later this year...

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