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So, without further ado here they are: Mama Mayila's Cradles' first ever Head Girls and Boys (Seniors and Juniors) and with Deputies. Lots of Deputies.

12 Girls and 11 boys you know they take gender equality as seriously as Mama Mayila: guess who's going to always win the important votes?

All the children at the Centre who want a turn being Deputy or Head will get a turn and then, in 6 months time, everybody's going to vote on who was best and those children will get the job 'til the next election (fixed term: one year)!

What a great idea! Letting kids have a say in how the place that is their home should be run. These kids are going to help us decide what meals we should have (tho they know it can't be chicken every night), what activities we should run (and they know it won't be play time all the time) and even the kind of staff we should have (they know we agree that they should be caring, compassionate and kind). Sounds great to us!

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