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At this month’s team meet lively discussions took place on internal audits and a new proposal to migrate volunteers, with more than two years’ experience, to employee status setting out the benefits and some of the challenges – employees have to pay 5% of their salary and the Foundation must pay 10%, which is equivalent to a full–time member of staff and these discussions will help inform our Board’s decision.

Following a new format with regular set agenda items - Updates - Reminders - Staff Feedback - Training - yesterday's meet learned of two upcoming sponsor families’ trips and heard an update on Hope Sakuma, where groundnut has been distributed and rice about to be harvested, as well as the on-going action resulting from our annual audit, due to reach its conclusion shortly.

Recommendations from the audit included reminders for everyone of their duty to report any incidents or accidents within 24 hours to the national coordinator and 48 hours to the secretariat and also to record all donations not just cash donations in the donations book.

The team were happy to learn that Uncle Junior would be providing one-to-one training on the PC teaching everyone how to use a computer, access the internet and write an email.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children with disabilities.

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