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Texas Chief Pa Sampha visits Moa Wharf to meet the kids in our kinship fostering programme and to witness first-hand the living conditions the community bear with every day.

You can see for yourself the vast amounts of plastics clogging up the culverts leading to localized flooding during rainy season. With a new National Day of Cleaning announced for May 5th we call on the new administration leave no-one behind and help clean-up Moa Wharf and neighbouring wharf communities.

You can see a 360 degree panorama of the 59 children in our programme and National Coordinator, William Tieh explaining to our honoured guest how our programme began at the height of the deadly Ebola pandemic in 2015 and we hope with ASLOT'S (association of Sierra Leone organizations in Texas) help we can secure our programme and offer more help to Moa Wharf community.

The visit was filmed by the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation - SLBC Radio & TV for a documentary about Hopes' programmes and our upcoming work with ASLOT.

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