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Before the party (and the speeches) started, the children were all given some new clothes to choose from, donated by kind supporters.

Well you can tell how excited Mama Mayila is by the look on her face and how happy to give these children, who have no parents to love them, a proper Christmas party just for them! For many of Ebola’s children this was their first ever Christmas celebration and their first Christmas without a mum and dad to love them. So it is so good to see the children together as one happy family jampacked in Mandingo Chiefs Hall, all in their party hats. Even Moa Wharf Chief wears his hat is in the party mood! And the kids are getting mighty excited....

& AFTER THE SPEECHES CAME THE FOOD.... Well, the kids were certainly ready for their food – you can see the kids yamming up their chicken right down to the bone just like it should be.

This was such a great party for the kids – they’re the centre of attention and you can see Mama Mayila giving Mamie her water to drink. Mamie and Marie two of the Foundation's 4-year olds are getting on really well (not always the case) and look quite the grown up ladies.

& AFTER THE PRESENTS CAME THE INTERVIEWS.... After the childrens first ever Christmas party Mama Mayila was interviewed by Mariama Barrie from Africa Youth Voices (AYV) and Cotton Tree News (CTN) taking her simple message of Hope 4 Ebola's Orphans to more people in Salone.

Dr N'yama, who looks after the Foundation's orphans medical needs, also spoke up for Ebola's Generation.

Mama Mayila invited the TV journalists to come along and celebrate but sadly they asked for some money to come and we're a charity who spends our money on kids not commissions...so no TV


Come and meet the people who gave the speeches and made the children’s christmas party such a special occassion:

Mama Mayila Yansaneh who makes everything special and everything possible.

Chief Komeh of Moa Wharf for his continuing support for our cause and Mandingo Chief in Freetown Alhaji Alimamy Samba D. Tarawaley who kindly gave his Hall for the children’s party.

William Tieh who coordinated everything so very well and who made sure it all went so smoothly and Albert Coker who decorated the Hall so nicely for the kids with Momoh Bangura and Osman’s help.

Dr Y'amah and the two nurses from his clinic who give the children the medical care they need when they need it, came along to give their support for Ebola’s Generation.

Not forgetting Leonard, Peter, Ovidio and Neville – a big Salone shout out to the guys from HS Sierra Leone for funding this special event for the children.

Mr Bashiru Thullah from the Ministry of Welfare came along to give his support 4 Ebola’s Generation and he came with some great news for Katie and TJ the two Foundation children who have the most special needs. Great success for Katie and TJ, now registered with the Ministry.

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Sierra Leone Ministry of Finance & Economic Development Registration: NNGO/705/2016-17

Sierra Leone Ministry of Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs Registration: MSGCA/VOL: N367/2016
Freetown City ICC Registration: 007/2016 5175

Sierra Leone Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry:  NGO/BV/PL61

Sierra Leone Karene District Council: KneDC/NGO/19/001

Sierra Leone National Federation of Farmers: MAFFSL/CA0067

Sierra Leone Company Registration: TIN 1073356-4/2016

Netherlands Company Registration: KvK 62994182

Netherlands ANBI Registration: 855045462

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