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Today, on the eve of Christmas, sees the first of our four Christmas Parties for vulnerable children in Sierra Leone, and Mama Mayila's Cradle throws open our doors to Hamilton community, welcoming over 50 infants and newborns and for good measure, some Moa Wharf Kids on our kinship fostering programme.

The day kicked off with prayers for both faith communities, then brief speeches of welcome and on the importance of this day for new borns and the need to value all children. Mama Mayila's Cradle was then honoured to host the naming ceremony for uncle Ibrahim's newborn son and then the party was underway!

The Cradle Kids provided the entertainment and began with a joyous song and then there was a dance-off, which was one hands down by Sierra as you'll see shortly....

Then musical chairs, techno dancing and some acrobatic human air guitarist guitarist the like of which we've never seen. The crowd were soon whooping with excitement and we couldn't have been prouder!

A brief football display outside and then the kids ate - served first on this special day.

And then... Disney presents from Little Big Local, some candy, kende, groundnut, popcorn, cheese balls, accra, biscuits and all served with a can of pop and lashings of ginger beer!

And then.... two happy birthday songs for Baby Grace And Mama Mayila whose birthdays were celebrated in style. And then the dancing....

Even in her absence Mama Mayila sure knows how to throw a party!

A great party made possible by the tireless efforts of the dedicated team of volunteers, led by our National Coordinator, Williams Tieh and the generousity of Aunty Nicole and Uncle Joe, Uncle Paul, Aunty Jen, Uncle's Tim and Mo!

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