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The guys are ecstatic - they've created a gari from these cassava roots. A gari that remains white and has that special crackle usually found only in the finest Bo gari!

The team dig out some really magnificent cassava tubers from our first cassava and cashew farm planted between June and September 2018.

Issa and Med return to the farm carrying their bounty of cassava root leaving the team to continue the harvest of the two hectare plot.

The team peel wash and grate the nutritous cassava before running them through Hope Sakuma's first class cassava grater - the first step to giving us the necessary finely-textured flakes.

Then our casava flakes are pressed, fermented for a day, rinsed, pressed again and fermented for another day, key stages to give our gari the correct slightly-sour depth of flavour and ready to be run through the grater once more to ensure the perfect texture.

Finally, the cassava flakes are artfully parched on our very own gari pan expertly tossing the flakes with the gari spoons whittled last week to make sure the gari doesn't catch.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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