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The ladies of Sendugu plant heir groundnut in beautifully marked out rows which will make weeding easier and boost yield and the ladies have agreed to hold workshops next year to show women from 13 other Hope Sakuma villages how to get the best from their groundnut, using this site for one of our demonstration farms in Sanda Magbolontor Chiefdom.

The Ladies of Madineh are planting their Hope Sakuma groundnut, this time the traditional way. Each village has 5 bushels to plant boosting nutrition and livelihoods in Karene.

Sheku takes a snap of the Ladies of Komneh eating after a day planting nutritious groundnut and the gentlemen of Komneh who brushed and cleaned the land.

The Ladies of Forekaria are planting their groundnut individually rather than scattering join 14 other villages in Sanda Magboontor growing groundnut to boost nutrition and livelihoods in one of the most deprived Chiefdom in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile back in Sendugu the Mothers Club and Gbonkorlenken the ladies show us how it's done and how all Hope Sakuma's will farm next year! We're especially proud that our two new FBOs, based in Chiefdom capital Sendugu, are all-women groups with their own trained engineer!


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with climate-smart technology to improve nutrition, food security, livelihoods and adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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