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The inestimable Mister Apollo Lawson, something of a pro-footballing god for many and player for the national team, Leone Stars, turned apothacary expert is welcomed to Sanda Magbolontor by Hassan before meeting Amabest and Pa Francis to make a whistle-stop tour of the Hope Sakuma sustainable farm beore sharing his top green-fingered tips.

Apollo takes a chance to catch up with harvested rice drying in the Sanda Sun before visiting our rice yet to be harvested.

A trip to our adjacent cassva and cashew farm - the largest in Karene - helping eight villages adapt to climate change by diversifying into these drought-resistant high-nutrition crops.

Then Apollo gets a chance to meet our first goat, inevitably called Nanny, up closeand persona as Nanny's extremely curious to meet such a celebrity or perhaps aroused by the onion seed Apollo carries for our farmers. And a chance t meet and feed Jemima and co their nutritous Azolla and curshed corn treat.

Finally, a team meet to talk onions and check approvingly the newly prepared beds. As well as sharing his extensive knowledge of onions Apollo also comes to share his even more extensive knowledge of the healing herbal medicines currently found deep in the Sanda forests, green pharma long-time readers will recall we're keen to develop.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with nature-based solutions to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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