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It's harvest time in Sanda Magbolontor and the Lunsar team have the priviledge of the first cut of the first paddy they constructed and planted back in July, with nutritous nerica rice seedlings they nursed themselves.

Harvest action on Hope Sakuma's first rice paddy starts with some traditional Temne harvest songs from the Lunsar team, welcoming in the newborn rice. Our Azolla's done its work and Amabest explains nerica's short cropping cycle from transplanting July 12th to harvest in just three short months before rounding off with some very rousing indeed "Sakuma Woy Yea!"

Carefully ratooning the rice in the hope of a good second harvest the Ladies and gentlemen celebrate the role Azolla, ducks and tilapia have played in fertilizing this marvellous bounty, completing half a paddy before rain stops paly.

Three days later, afetr rain, farm manager Ayie's smiling in the Sanda sun happy with the two-day harvest from Hope Sakuma's first and second Azolla-powered paddies.

And no wonder with 218 ties filling the tarpaulin and rack drying in the sunshine as Ayie congratulates project coordinator Amabest and the team on their fantastic work, making, planting and harvesting the paddies.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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