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Hope Sakuma’s first bushel of nutritious parboiled and milled country rice arrives for the Cradle’s consumption - the best market test around! Without spilling a single grain of rice the kids thank the dedicated Hope Sakuma farmers.

Aunty Isata cooks up something special for Saturday night - country rice and cassava leaf fresh from the kids Sanda farm.

And country rice calls for country table etiquette and the rare treat of seeing the kids really enjoying tucking into their nutritous Hope Sakuma rice with their fingers!

The verdict’s in on the Jacki Tomboy and it’s top marks all round from the kids, each giving their reasons for eating with their hands, starting with Miss Mercy – it makes the rice taste sweeter! Miss Mya wants some more and Leo sums up the mood: Hope Sakuma rice – it’s sweet passed sweet.

Watch our Azolla-powered rice's journey from harvest day to hungry kids, literally from farm to table. Threshed, parboiled to boost nutrition and milled Hope Sakuma's nutritous rice reaches Mama Mayila's Cradle, where the kids thank their dedicated farmers and pass their verdict - it's sweet passed sweet!


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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