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The kids start their Sunday with a quick tour Sendugu, Manays, Makelekos and the Wurreh line and distributing lollipops, to distribute some of their own clothes that no longer fit to kids just as much in need - sometimes these kids bowl us over with their consideration and kindness.

Next up visits to Mamatay, Magbolontor and Kamalo, three of the 14 villages particpating in our IVS to talk through some of the many challenges the farmers faced and to receive a small contribution of nerica L-19 and buttercup seed for Hope Sauma's seed bank. But remaining field visits are curtailed as word reaches of a tree blocking the ferry and the team head back for further news.

Everyone's slapping their legs, under an ant attack but there's no time to hang with farm manager Ayie or pose for more snaps with more kids - as there's bad news from Sendugu confirming the ferry is blocked and worse, the water so high that the ferry is now locked until September 15th. This means a long meandering cross-country road to Kamakwie and not all those we ask are overly-confident - Aunty Kay couldn't pass last week to a councillors meeting - but the other option of taking the kids by canoe in a swollen river and then on by motorbike 140kms seems a less appealing prospect.

Well, the road to Kamakwie is surely a rut-filled and bumpy one but given the chance, our trusty 4x4 acquits herself very well over a painstaking three and a half hour 46 km drive. Making friends in every village we pass - sage advice from Aunty Kay in case we hit trouble - checking on the road ahead. Only one 6 kilometre stretch sees problems as the road periodically disappears into one large paddy and has to be walked by Med and Hassan to check for depth. A couple of anxiety-inducing moments as water starts seeping thru the doors but the kids think sploshing thru the water is great fun! And eventually everyone's back in time for bed...


Follow our journey bringing hope and education to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share our stories to raise awareness for Ebola's orphans and children with disabilities.

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