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Arriving as dusk falls to the fabled Mabanta River crossing yesterevening Alex, Mya, Knox, Sophie, Barey and Leo find the water high and the ferry yonder on the other bank but a quick visit to the Regent Chief sees the ferrymen kindly agree to cross again and pick us up, soothing the ever-so-slightly anxious adults present...

First thing next morning the kids are up and about exploring Sendugu, capital of Sanda Magbolontor, enjoying the central roundabout and noting the litter bin, standing proud and ready to keep the Chiefdom clean and tidy!

Driving from Sendugu towards Manays the kids stop off to visit land being cleared to extend their cashew and cassava farm, using sticks from the mature farm.

Standing on an abandoned termite hill - the clay being saved for a still-secret project - the kids, including big kid Uncle Mo, survey their new cashew farm stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see.

The Makelekos All-Stars have been working had to clear this land ready for the cashew saplings to be pegged and dug in next month and while Uncle Mo talks to Musa repairing his hoe the kids are free to run around and have fun doing what kids do!

It's the first time the kids have visited the farm and they can't believe that the rice they see growing here will be feeding them come October and they can't wait to see Uncle Vidal's ducks make their journey from Juba after the worst of rainy season is done with!

Leo wades in and picks up a handful of Azolla, mother natures miracle plant, from our first rice paddy. Miss Mya's a little more circumspect but Uncles Mo and Tim are happy to see the Azolla from Njala has really settled in.

The kids thoroughly enjoy tucking in to Aunty Kay's fantastic country cooking and the freedom to eat outdoors in the court barre and using the table, take turns to play the drums into the night for the entertainment of Sendugu children.


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