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Follow the kids journey planting seeds, destined not just for the Cradle's veg beds but also for Hope Sakuma, the kids' sustainable farm deep in Sierra Leone's interior. Miss Mya leads Knox, Alex and Miss Sophie on a seed planting extravaganza!

Carefully adding water to rehydrate sterile coconut coir pellets and then dibbing holes of varying sizes to accommodate large melon and cucumber seeds and small tomato and hot pepper seeds, the kids plant an amazing 180 seeds! Okra for nutrition; heirloom varities of tomato and rare hot pepper from around the world - nutritious and perfect for drying to preserve for rainy seasons; melon and cucumber for their market price and ease of transport, sweetness when dried and for their skin and stalks, rich in phosphorus and potassium and perfect for our bio-fertilizer mix. And the kids really love the lovage seeds which smell just like Sierra leone staple, a maggi stock cube!

Three days later the first seeds are poking through much to thekid's amazment!

Ten days on the kids take their precious cargo of seedlings all the way to Sanda Magbolontor to their farm. These will be harvest-ready in time for our farmer field school later this year showing women farmers how to harvest seed and dry fruit, as well as learning how to make precison beds and plant and nurse seed. So, the seeds the kids plant will train Hope Sakuma farmers and a seed bank to develop three vegetable farms in one of the poorest chiefoms in Sierra Leone.


Follow our journey bringing hope and education to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share our stories to raise awareness for Ebola's orphans and children with disabilities.

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