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Our first nerica rice harvest is underway across 13 Sanda Magbolontor inland valley swamps. Here at Mamatay they're starting their nerica harvest just three short months after planting and in justhree weeks time their Buttercup variety will be ready stocking up Hope Sakuma villages with nutritious rice just in time for rainy season when food gets scarce and prices sky-rocket.

At Forekaria, another village are still harvesting in our rolling 4 week nerica harvest - our nerica was planted sequentially to even out the labour needs.

The Ladies of Kamalo are doing a great job gathering the rice providing nutrition and food security for Hope Sakuma villages during rainy season.

Meanwhile, Sheku, Hope Sakuma Farm Coordinator, is in Magbolontor and RoBomp where harvested rice is being dried and threshed - these villages, like all Hope Sakuma villages will share the bounty three ways - a third for the village, a third saved for seed and a third for our interim care and kinship fostering programmes.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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