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The kids have a lot a lot of fun celebrating African Child Day at Mama Mayila’s Cradle with traditional dancing and drumming, as Leo gives a brauva performance, followed in no less style but thankfully slightly less expressive by Misses Mya, Sophie, Sierra and Mercy before Alex brings the tempo right back up all accompanied alternately by Miss Sierra, Leo and Alex on the drums. The kids home performance rounded off a day of remembrance and celebrations and here’s how it went down…

Aunties Zainab and Ramatu cook up a posh packed lunch of foo-foo (fermented cassava), krain-krain and kanda and the kids pick out their best outfits for the celebration of children’s rights and their potential.

The kids look amazing as they head off to school to celebrate Day of the African Child joining children across Sierra Leone and Africa in activities commemorating children killed protesting in Soweto in 1971 and campaigning to accelerate Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for children.

Miss Destiny sweetly welcomes Ladies and gentlemen one and all to Rising Academy's celebration of African Child Day and rounding off the day of activities Leo enjoys a fine solo performance.

The kids enjoy a ram-packed day of activities (and a fantastic packed lunch) at Rising Academy before coming home to the Cradle to continue their celebrations.


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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