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A double dose of action, most joyously and noisily expressed, as the kids learn more about miracle maize and offer their thanks to Uncles Tiberious and Leonard for their kind donation.

A donation, as the kids are finding out, not just to benefit them but to share with their brothers and sisters in every tribe, in every chiefdom and in every corner of the land. The gift of a chance.

A chance for us all, each and every one, to Reach for the stars. A chance for Liberation.

Liberation from hunger. Liberation from poverty. Something for everyone who needs a hand up and who's prepared to work for it. But most of all and above all, something for those who need it the most.

That's right, the kids are literally bringing Hope and Salvation to Salone and they're going to need lots of help!


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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