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The boys are having a break and Farm manager, Ayie, is proudly overseeing the Makelekos All-Stars hard at work digging cassava heaps around Hope Sakuma's cashew sapplings ready for some cassava sticks from the small cassva farm purchased last year.

Farm manager Ayie and Hassan fetch the cassava sticks, from our Massilah feeder farm.

And the Ladies set to carefully cutting and planting the sticks, thus founding Hope Sakuma's second cassava and cashew farm in the chiefdom.

Our first cassava farm, created last year and maturing this year and next will donate more sticks to seed more cassava farms - helping Sanda Magbolontor communities adapt to climate change by diversifying into drought-resistant crops - after the grand distirubution next month by Bangura brother, Bakarr, to six beneficary villages, Manays, Massilah, RoGbin, RoGbaran, RoYeima and RoRainte.

Hope Sakuma's Farmer Field School will teach farmers how by diversify into these nutritious and drought-resistant crops like cassava and cashew. improving nutrition and food security in rainy season and at times of climate stress and improving resilience for 23 villages flying the Hope Sakuma colours, taking practical steps to adapt to climate change.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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