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Up high where he belongs! Scout’s already come a long way; from the same village as his brother (cousin) Kye, Scouts father denied paternity and disappeared completely leaving another young teen mum unable to cope and Scout was severely malnourished when the team went up-line to collect him on behalf of the Ministry.

Scout’s just completed his first year at Rising Academy where he came first in his class and first in environmental studies attaining an “outstanding performance” award! Now, we can remember a time when it wasn’t always thus… A time when the boys were helping him with his maths 1+2 = how many Scout – 2 came the answer, well what’s 2+1 – 1 came the answer! The boys tried explaining it with sweets and you know what? Scout got it first time!

Often hilarious company and with boundless energy Scout AKA Big Boy loves the beach, loves the camera and as you can see the camera loves him right back! Sharing his brother Kye’s passion for candy and snacks and food generally, his favourite fruits are banana and plum and his favourite colour, red then blue.

Scout loves dressing up for parties and dancing, a very mesmerizing, absorbed dancing. Scout’s naughtiest moment? Make that moments, probably too numerous to list, not least encouraging his impressionable younger brother to swing from various things until they reach breaking point, or preferably just after!

Will you help send Scout soaring? Rise him high and watch him develop and thrive? You can be part of Scout’s life by sponsoring him from just $25 a month:

We match your sponsorship with other kind sponsors to provide year round care for Scout and You’ll receive a BIG personal thank you from Scout and he’d love to swap monthly video messages sharing his childhood memories knowing he has a loving community of care.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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