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The kids from Mama Mayila’s Cradle kick off our summer fundraiser with a song of their own composition (way top go kids, mightily impressed!) in Krio and Mende – loosely translated the song starts with a repeating chorus:


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen – good afternoon you don’t know us but we’re orphans – we entertain and we celebrate in this town we’re the number one

Biaa na (Mende greeting)

We’re the orphanage culture - We’re the ones who (sabi) know singing, know moving, know shaking (repeat)

Help the kids raise money for their priority funds and please give:

2019 Lease Fund – Just $240 a year - $20 a month - provides a safe roof and a comfortable bed for one of these children in Mama Mayila’s Cradle at Hope Interim Care. If you can Please Give:

Minivan Fund – Help us raise $3k to ship and register a minivan to get these kids to and from school and reduce the centre’s transportation costs. If you can Please Give:

Education Fund - Help provide school fees at Rising Academy for unsponsored children; give school kit to Ebola orphans in Moa Wharf and help build a classroom in Manays, home of our sustainable farming co-op. If you can Please Give:

Farm Fund - empowering rural women in Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom to raise money towards:

  • storage bags for this years rice and groundnut harvest

  • a 300kw off-grid to power irrigation, cold store etc., generating a small income from providing charging points

  • rice and flour mills and a cold-press to help process our rice, cassava and palm oil adding value locally and boosting incomes for seven villages and Hope

  • a tropicalized tractor which will also generate an additional income from being hired to neighbouring farmers.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and the kids will send you a BIG Salone shout out for your support so, please, if you can, give and if you can’t please share our posts with your friends, community and networks and help he kids raise some money!

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