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Kye is still a little bit shy but thrives when he’s centre of attention - his wide eyes of wonder and big beaming smile ample reward for reading Kye a story, just to himself. He may be shy but you can see when raised up Kye shoots high and he was so proud when he made his first letter A! When Kye went on his first beach trip he amazed at the sand but was absolutely terrified of the water, running away from each and every wave but now Kye just loves splashing about!

Kye’s favourite colour is green and he shares the interests and pursuits of most boys his age – candy, snacks, candy, food generally, candy, playing with toys and picture books, as well as running around (a lot). This young Fula man possesses qualities of perseverance, kindness, love of learning and is very family-orientated. Kye’s brother Scout sometimes gets him into trouble but his naughtiest moment: he once ate Aunty Mabinty’s lunch!

Kye’s story is a sad one, his teenage mum abandoned him at birth and his teen dad was too young to care for him. When Hope were sent up country by the Ministry to bring Kye and Scout to the centre, Kye was severely malnourished and very close to death. But now, just turned 5, Kye’s cheeks are fuller and he’s looking forward to starting school this September at Rising Academy – his first taste of education.

Will you help raise Kye high, up where he belongs? Watch him growing and thriving? You can sponsor Kye from just $25 a month:

We match your sponsorship with other kind sponsors to provide year-round care for Kye.

You’ll receive a BIG personal THANK YOU from Kye and you can swap monthly video messages sharing his childhood memories knowing he has a loving community of care.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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