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The kids from Mama Mayila’s Cradle aka the Secret Squirrel Hush Hush Squad (SSHHS) go under-cover on an environmental mission to blow the lid on the sand-mining industry rapidly despoiling our beautiful coast. Taking their queue from Uncle Alfred and the Society 4 Climate Change Communication crew the kids get some great footage from a perfect hidey-hole along what’s left of a part-crumbled away pathway before heading down to the beach.

Tipper-truck after tipper-truck comes to beaches near Hamilton and along the coast at John Obey and fill with sand, hollowing out the beach shelf and with rising sea-levels caused by climate change such man-made coastal erosion could spell disaster.

It’s true sand-mining provides a few jobs for youths shovelling sand and jobs are scarce but it’s low paid work and sand-mining has such a detrimental effect on our unique coastal eco-system increasing the risk of flooding for our coastal communities surely these youths would be better employed preventing sand-mining and protecting our beautiful beaches?

And while sand-mining fuels Freetown’s booming construction industry with its insatiable apetite for raw materials the kids were really shocked to learn that untreated sand, salty from sea water and the iron construction rods - running through the concrete made with the sand that supports our houses and underpins the many retaining walls along the Peninsular hillsides – they don’t really mix, the salt will corrode the construction rods over time and it can only be a matter of time before they rust through and the concrete crumbles.

To see the kids do more environmental investigations please share their studies and if you can please give to one of their funds:

Minivan Fund – Help us raise $3k to ship and register a minivan to take these kids on field studies and to and from school and reduce the centre’s transportation costs. If you can Please Give:

2019 Lease Fund – Just $240 a year - $20 a month - provides a safe roof and a comfortable bed for one of these children in Mama Mayila’s Cradle at Hope Interim Care. If you can Please Give:

Education Fund - Help provide school fees at Rising Academy for unsponsored children; give school kit to Ebola orphans in Moa Wharf and help build a classroom in Manays, home of our sustainable farming co-op. If you can Please Give:


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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