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For all the fun we have at Mama Mayila's Cradle our kids always remember where they came from and those less lucky, less fortunate, than themselves. And today is a good day to remember these kids from Moa Wharf. These kids don’t have nice new sports outfits or memorable trips to who knows where.

These are children, who also lost their mum and dad to Ebola or cope with a disability, like Katie pictured here who is hearing impaired and these children still live here in Moa Wharf, one of the most deprived communities in one of the most deprived countries in the World.

These kids and their care-givers at least have us. They’re part of our community foster care programme, enabling surviving mums, grandmas, uncles and aunties to care for the children in the community with some food support and keep them in school with help with school fees.

In the pics you can see the children and their care-givers receive food support from Mr Williams, while Osman and Constance note down any issues to resolve. Abubakarr and Mr Bangura obtain signatures for support received.

It costs just $400 a month to provide much needed food support to 61 children and to keep school age kids in school.

Donate now and we can extend our support to Ebola orphans and other vulnerable children in Kissy Town.

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