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Here's our National Coordinator, Mr Williams, presenting a donation of 300,000 Leones from Hope Foundation to the National School for the Deaf. The donation towards purchasing a new bus to take the children to and from school was made possible by Mr and Mrs Anon of Gloucestershire, England.

Receiving the donation, Ms. Winifred Kamara said:

Thank you Mama Mama Mayila for this kind gesture at a time when we need it most to help our deaf children. This is a blessing that will yield forth in the future.

You can see Mr Williams getting a signing lesson to explain to the children in sign language about the donation and everybody’s jubilant mood.

You can donate to the National School for the Deaf’s new school bus here:


Even donating a small amount helps the National School for the Deaf reach their goal and elicits genuine thanks to you!

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