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Her CHOICE: End Child Marriage NOW in Sierra Leone

Girls from Moa Wharf and Hope interim care centre were proud to join the African Union’s campaign to END CHILD MARRIAGE NOW, launching today in Freetown, Sierra Leone. At the launch of the new national campaign the girls took the opportunity to speak out against Child Marriage and support the new campaign Her Choice: End Child Marriage Now!

Child marriage denies the girl her right to education; her right to sexual and reproductive health and her right to choose her own destiny. Speaking before the launch event Mama Mayila Yansaneh said:

A girl must be old enough to make an informed choice about her marriage. It is a denial of a girl’s basic human rights - the right to choose – the right for every girl, every woman to choose what to do with her life - whether to marry, who to marry and when to marry.


The new national campaign to END CHILD MARRIAGE NOW focuses on peer to peer education by children for children about their rights so that all children are empowered to say NO.

The campaign focuses on engaging, educating and mobilizing communities so everyone understands that Child Marriage is something harmful to children and everyone knows who to go to prevent a child marriage taking place and girls are empowered to be in school and not the matrimonial home.