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That's a mighty deep well the Eco Water Solutions team have dug! Hope Sakuma welcomes esteemed water expert, Benson Kandeh and his Eco Water Solutions team to Sanda Magbolontor kindly coming to make the kids' farm a well and advise on our farms' irrigation.

And it's not long before the team set to work digging out the well making great progress before the end of the day as rocks arrive to backfill the hole once the guys reach water.

Reaching the water table the next day, the guys lower rocks down the deep deep well to provide a stable footing for the pipes and backfilled rubble, carefully packing round to protect the rim.

Meanwhile, pipes are cut to size and connected before being bedded in all ready for the well to be back-filled with stones and sand.

Prince and Abdul lower two pipes, one for a domestic hand-pump and one to attach to an electric pump able to fill a water tank and facilitate gravity irrigation for Hope Sakumas' crops growing below

Prince explains to Amabest some pipework principles, our wells' wherewithal, the sleeve and connectors ensuring the correct length and the importance of packing the foot of the well to prevent the well collapsing in on itself.

Tarpaulin carefully placed, the team backfill deep deep well before the connector pipes are expertly cut to size and the pump attached and the skilled Eco Water Solutions team brings the farm the benefit of water for cooking and bathing and a second pipe awaiting our water tanks arrival.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with nature-based solutions to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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