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With Hope Sakuma's upland rice harvest well underway it's time for the team to thresh and winnow the first few weeks bounty - 1,380 traditional ties - dried under the Sanda sun.

Over two days the team skillfully beat heaps of rice heaps first left then right threshing by hand and by foot separating seed from stalk the traditional way and bagging up the bounty into bushels before spreading the first two days' worth to the edges of four tarpaulins to dry for a second time.

Then it's the Ladies turn to play their part in the traditional harvest winnowing our threshed rice with traditional sieves. And with Freetown rice sky-rocketing to 450,000 le from 380,000 le bushel in a matter of weeks our harvest can't come soon enough to feed kids in our programmes.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with nature-based solutions to improve nutrition, livelihoods and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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