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Santa's little helpers make sure that Katie and the Moa Wharf kids, living in one of the most vulnerable communities in the World, are not forgotten this yuletide.

Knox, Sophie and Sierra join Alex, Uncle Williams and resident coordinator Mr Bangura giving every child in our programme a loaf of sweet yellow bread and a pint of thick honey from the forests of Sanda Magbolontor, six cups of nutritious brown rice and a pint of rich red palm oil, fresh pepper and onions all the ingredients for a good Christmas meal as well as more sweet treats of biscuits and lollipops all thanks to Aunty Marenka and her amazing Dutch foundation Heart 4 Humanity.

These fantastic kids all lost their mums and dads to the Ebola pandemic or live with a disability living with older siblings, grandmas and aunties in one of the most marginalized slum communities in Sierra Leone with regular food support and help with school costs from Hope. More than 2,400 citizens live here in one of the slum communities along the Freetown wharfs that were vulnerable to Ebola and which are now vulnerable to climate change with rising sea levels one of the reasons that Sierra Leone Is the third most vulnerable country to climate change impacts in the World.


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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