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Last year Miss Mya and Leo planted some seeds of change and this year it's trees of hope and Uncle Alfred shows them how.

Utilizing an intensive method of 3 metre spacing between three trees and 12 metre spacing between rows the kids are marking out Hope Sakuma's boundary next to the cassava and cashew farm and interplanting with the trees that are already there. And when they mature the Ladies have some very exciting plans to boost livelihoods in Sanda.

Following the coconut tree planting a very fruitful meeting with representatives from Makelekos, Manays, RoGbin, RoGbarran and Lunsar to discuss and agree Hope Sakuma’s rainy season work programme – bocashi pit construction, harnessing the power of aAzolla, biochar and fish scraps; orchard and hut-making, carefully inter-planting saplings with existing trees and constructing a hut in each; more vegetable beds and seed nursing for the Ladies to market and but of course, completing the paddy plots encirclement of Sanda's own banana (and mango) island!

The teams are pleased to hear that Hope Sakuma’s orchards will in time seed orchards throughout Sanda. Isata and Mariama say how happy they are to market the farm goods and agree to make a list of Freetown supplies to sell. Everyone is excited to learn from Director, Alfred Fornah that Society 4 Climate Change Communications and School Green Club will bring their innovative schools programme to Karene after rainy season, benefiting farmers kids and raising awareness for climate action.

National Coordinator, William Tieh reminds team leaders to record planting and fertilizer application rates and dates, weeding dates and any crop issues so timely action can be taken. As Lunsar representative, Yusif explained in heavy rain everyone agrees division of labour, effective teams and accountability are the key to successful delivery.

In the pouring rain Yusuf eloquently replies on behalf of the Lunsar guys and all the farmers present – everyone supports Hope Sakuma's programme for the betterment of all and whatever the association plans to do it has their support whatever way. And Yusuf tells an illuminating parable – when you meet someone in darkness you give them a seat so they don’t sit on the floor – whatever work in every situation the Lunsar guys will work hand in hand and at the end of the day while one person can do something it takes an entire group to do something for the betterment of all and they appreciate working and learning with Amabest and Hassan.

In partnership with Green School Club, Society for Climate Change Communications run a fruit tree and vegetable school planting programme boosting pupils nutrition and raising awareness about the vital role trees play in fighting climate change and we're happy to help these two climate action teams to bring their innovative programme to Karene.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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