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Warmly welcoming not one, not two but three teams of dedicated volunteers and helpful helpers coming together and visiting Mama Mayila's Cradle to bring some more Christmas cheer!

The kids are full of smiles as Grandma welcomes Madam Yvonne Gibril leading the Hearts and Hands team - who kindly provided the kids with a summer camp to remember - Fiona and Moses Joshu representing Agape Word Ministry, of the US of A and last but never least, Madam Sylvia Porter of the Sierra Leone Mothers Union. A warm welcome one and all!

Aunty Fiona presents all the kids with a gift of an Agnes Ward Ministry goodie bag filled to the brim with personal care items, towels and face cloths, hairbrushes, soap, toothpaste and brushes, as well as more essential kit for the new school term with ledgers, crayons, rulers and erasers all gratefully received by thankful kids.

At least one tongues out in anticipation as Leo eyes another accara and the kids tuck in to a truly fantastic festive feast prepared by our esteemed Ladies, Aunty Yvonne, Aunty Sylvia and Aunty Fiona - washed down by their choice of Apple Cidre or Fresh Up and much appreciated by all the kids who really enjoy the wonderful platter presented. So a HUGE thank you Hearts and Hands, Mothers Union Sierra Leone and the Agape Word Ministry for making the kids Christmas!

A family snap with the kids posing with their goodie bags thanks again to Aunty Fiona and Uncle Moses from Agape Word Ministry and to Aunty Yvonne of the Hearts and Hands foundation and Aunty Sylvia representing the Sierra Leone Mothers Union, three strong women coming together to provide a lovely day and fabulous festive feast for the kids at Mama Mayila's Cradle!

The kids round off their Boxing Day with a merry christmas meddley.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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