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Alex and the Adorables have just the thing to bring some cheer to the Mahanaim kids - a visit from not only Mama Mayila but also dedicated volunteer Ian Hope with some Christmas treats!

The Cradle kids love taking a trip out particularly when there's good to do and with new best friend in tow Alex, Scout, little ladies, Faith and Destiny (and Grandma and Uncle Williams of course) - take Uncle Ian to visit with the kids at Mahanaim.

Ian's kindly been supporting Madam Melrose and the kids living with disabilities at Mahanaim since May but this time he makes the donation in person, meeting the kids and topping up the store cupboard with rice and maggi.

Ian also brought a great big box of chicken so the Mahanaim kids can share the same experience as the Cradle kids AND lollipops and biscuits for some sweet treats on Christmas Day! Just the thing to bring some Christmas cheer to some very sweet kids.

Ian and the Hope team also visit with Ibrahim Dumbuya, Secretary General and Issac Kamara, Chairman of the the Polio Challenge Association, where Mahanaim House has been situated for the past 40 years.

Uncle Ian - a man as tall as Uncle Williams - and his friends Aunty Kadie and Uncle Sulliaman were also kind enough to visitMama Mayila's Cradle spending time getting to know the kids and hear all about Hope's origins and plans from Mama Mayila!


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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