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We're celebrating a trio of sons and daughters of the Sanda soil, first finding Makelekos All-Stars Chief, Mohamed Lamin, taking a well-earned break from more cassava heap digging at Hope Sakuma's demonstration cassava and cashew farm.

Next dedicated volunteer Hassan catches some shade en-route to the farm with yet more cassava sticks, each of which will be cut into pieces to propogate this highly nutritous and drought-resistant plant.

And last but never least, Miss Abi, who's collected and expertly cut some of the sticks Hassan carried, ready for planting. Abi's also deputy to Ayie, our Farm Manager. In rural Sierra Leone women farmers carry more than their fair share of the burdens, working hard on the farm and cooking, cleaning and caring for their families at home. So we really value our women farmers and seven out of ten Hope Sakuma farmers are women - with an equal voice and roles at all levels of the farm and each of the 21 farming groups we support.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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