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Well, if not exactly a gala opening - we're saving that for later in the year when Mama Mayila's around - then a very successful first day yesterday with food going down a treat with customers and kids alike and two deciated volunteers, Hassan and Hawa - responsible for brnging this fine Baffa Cookery into being in just 10 days - looking rightly proud!

Leo's definately got the right idea and Sweetie-Sweet's rewarded with brisk business from construction sites, the neighbouring petrol station, the motorbike boys and lots of famlies sending bowls for take-out.

More than 60 people and nine kids came to Sweetie-Sweet to eat or pick up something from the kiosk taking more than 350,000 leone on the first day! $33 may not sound like much but it's quite a feat considering Sweetie-Sweets plates range from only 3,000 - 6,000 leone (approx 32¢-65¢)!

Some impromptu customer surveys by the kids and Aunties discovered that the Sweetie-Sweet taste is indeed sweet and found customes impressed by the "country quality at Freetown prices" and the 500 leone's a plate going to support vulnerable children and the kids rather laboured this point to customers and potential customers!


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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